July 2019

JULY 2019 76 I N J URED? 36 Years’ Experience Fighting Insurance Companies No Fees or Costs if No Recovery Hablamos Español Auto, Bike, Boat and Pedestrian Accidents, Motorcycle, Nursing Home Neglect,Trip or Slip and Fall. DAN IRVING CYTRYN EDGAR VELAZQUEZ The only Board Certified CivilTrial Lawyer with the main office in Coral Springs. Past President Broward County Trial Lawyers Association Bilingual,more than 15 years’experience (left) (right) Call Now For a Free Consultation: (954) 255-7000 www.personalinjuryfirm.com We can come to your home or hospital LAW OFFICES OF CYTRYN & VELAZQUEZ P.A. 2825 N. University Drive, Suite 350, Coral Springs, FL 33065 They Call Me Mr. De: The Story of Columbine’s Heart, Resilience and Recovery By Frank DeAngelis (Dave Burgess Consulting) Frank DeAngelis served as Columbine High School’s principal for 35 years — significantly, during the April 20, 1999, shooting spree by two students that left 15 dead. In his memoir, the now-retired DeAngelis shares his unique experiences and perspective on the day of the school massacre, but also the culture DeAngelis shared and helped build with the Columbine and Littleton, Colo., communities, and the way they lifted themselves from the ashes. DeAngelis explains why he remained principal for so many years — out of duty and responsibility to his beloved students. Through a detailed account from various perspectives, including DeAngelis’ colleagues, friends, and family, he shows readers how both strong leadership and a tight-knit community have allowed Columbine to find peace and move forward. Wolfpack: How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power, and Change the Game By Abby Wambach (Celadon Books) Soccer legend Abby Wambach, a two-time Olympic gold medalist for Team USA and recent Florida transplant, writes an anthem for “all women everywhere.” In a short book that serves as a coda to her commencement speech at Barnard College that went viral in 2018, Wambach tells how she has confronted stereotypes and gender inequality to find happiness and justice. Wambach doesn’t want women to politely “lean in” to ask for equality, as Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg famously advised in her 2013 self-help book. The author of the best-selling Forward: A Memoir, Wambach asserts women would do better to team up and demand it. And she comes armed with eight simple rules. A natural leader, Wambach quarterbacked her U.S. soccer teams and co-captained a headstrong bunch of players to the 2015 Women’s World Cup title. Whether she can inspire a bigger and more disparate herd of cats at a time when women are perhaps the least cohesive group in American culture, and do it off the field, is another matter altogether. No Stone Unturned A Remarkable Journey to Identity By Nadean Stone If ever a cable series suggested its own sequel that promised to be just as or more captivating than the original, A Handmaid’s Tale would be it. And local writer Nadean Stone has provided a true-life look at how such a shocking dystopia can play out in the next generation. In No Stone Unturned, the debut author and Coral Springs resident traces her 44-year search for her mother, who was among the hundreds of thousands of unwed mothers across Canada, from 1945 until the 1970s, forced to give up their babies for adoption. The Canadian government has only recently come to grips with its lead role in what became a program of stigmatization and illegal coercion, which provinces and territories carried out, largely in secret, with the help of religious and charitable organizations. Stone, one of the more than 600,000 babies deemed “illegitimate” in Canadian census records from the period, tells a tale that’s often raw with emotion, recounting a grim childhood and her winding, but determined journey to find her birth mother — and herself. A must-read in these times of forced family separations and dystopian fantasies come true. P BOOK LOG